"Opopanax" Commiphora Guidottii Sweet Myrrh

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Name: Commiphora Guidottii Myrrh "Opopanax" known as sweet myrrh
Country of Origin:

Resin for burning
Size and Color:
Medium to large chunks; deep red to reddish brown in color
Sweet, fruity, with subtle hints of earthy woodiness
Antiseptic, particularly for intestinal infections; anti-inflammatory; antispasmodic


Commiphora Guidottii Myrrh locally known as "Opopanax" is imported from Somalia. Commonly referred to as "sweet myrrh," the amazing aroma of the fresh resin has a sweet earthy scent that is both exotic and unique to this myrrh. 

Traditionally, local medicine uses this species of myrrh for its antiseptic properties (in particular against intestinal infections) and relaxing, anti-inflammatory properties.

Opopanax comes in medium to large chunks and varies from a deep red ore color to reddish brown. The fragrance is strong, sweet and fruity with a subtle hint of earthy woodiness at times.  We equate the raw scent to a finely aged sweet wine or sweet liquor. This is a truly exotic and special species of myrrh.

For use with charcoal burners.

WARNING:Myrrh is NOT for pregnant or breastfeeding women (can cause miscarriage). Please research all side effects if you have a medical condition, especially diabetics, or if you are on blood pressure medication. As with all products, please research all side effects if you have a medical condition. Keep away from pets and children.

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