100% Pure Myrrh Oil (Commiphora Myrrha)

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Name: Commiphora myrrha (Myrrh Oil)
Method of Extraction: 
Steam distilled
Oil for ingestion and diffusing
Country of Origin: 
Cultivation Method: 
Organically sourced
Potent, warm, earthy, woody aroma
Anti-inflammatory; antiseptic; aids in digestion; lowers blood sugar; lowers blood pressure; blood cleanser.


This high-quality selection of 100% pure Myrrh Essential Oil is sourced from a certified organic distiller.  Myrrh oil, long used during religious ceremonies, has enjoyed a rich history that has spanned more than 5,000 years. It contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties, aids in digestion, is known for being antiseptic (myrrh was used in ancient Egypt to treat herpes and mouth sores).

Myrrh literally means "bitter" in Arabic and is potently bitter. It has been FDA approved for use as a food additive for this purpose. Myrrh has the ability to dramatically lower blood sugar and blood pressure so people who are diabetics and are on any form of blood sugar control or blood pressure medicine should avoid myrrh. Myrrh cleanses the blood and increases circulation which can cause miscarriage in pregnant women, avoid at all costs if pregnant.

It is advised to mix with carrier oil and test small patch on arm to rule out any sensitivities to myrrh oil. Myrrh is an ancient and powerful natural medicine that has great health benefits, for more information on the benefits and precautions of myrrh. See the article on myrrh in our knowledge & education section.


 WARNING:NOT FOR PREGNANT WOMEN, DIABETICS OR PEOPLE ON BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINE! All information contained within this site is for reference purposes only and are not intended to substitute the advice given by a pharmacist, physician, or any other licensed health-care professional. Myrrh oil can be diluted with a carrier oil. Keep essential oils away from infants, children, and all pets. Use at your own discretion.



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