Sacred Black Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra)

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Name: Sacred Black Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra)  
Country of Origin: Oman
Uses: Resin for burning
Size and Color: Large teardrops of sticky, fresh, black resin 1/4" - 2.5" in size.
Scent: Sweet and spicy aroma
Benefits: Purifies; energizes; enhances the senses; grounds your connection to earth; aids in meditation; reduces stress


Imported directly from Oman, this selection of high-grade Black Hojari Frankincense is a very special grade. It is a result of many different grades of resin running together on the Boswellia tree at the time of tapping.

Similar to combining many different colors of paint and getting the color black, Black Hojari Frankincense are large teardrops of black-honey colored resins, with an aroma of sweet and spicy tones. These resins are larger than normal size, and are quite sticky and fresh.

The exterior of this resin is black but the soft gelled interior is white. It’s ideal for purifying the atmosphere, enhancing your senses, and grounding your connection to the earth. It also aids in deepening meditation. It energizes the air and purifies your home and environment from negative energies. Use before sleep to vanquish built-up daily stress from your spiritual being.

For use with charcoal burners.​


NOTE: Use at own discretion.

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