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Name: Arab Myrrh (Rare)
Country of Origin:
Oman, on the Yemen border
Uses: Resin for burning and ingesting
Size and Color: Medium to large fist-size pieces; can be broken up
Rich, spicy aroma; bitter, spicy taste
Benefits: Anti-fungal; antiseptic; anti-inflammatory; astringent; expectorant; blood cleanser; helps with circulation and arthritis


Rated the highest grade Myrrh by leading resin and gum experts, botanists, holistic doctors and long-term connoisseurs, our rare Arab Myrrh (Commophora Myrrha Yemen) is imported directly from Oman and is the best available in the global market.

Considered true Arab Myrrh, this resin comes in medium to large fist-size pieces and can be broken up. It boasts a rich, dark brown to deep brown/amber color.

Used for not only its relaxing rich, spicy aroma when burned over charcoal but also for its broad medicinal uses. Myrrh is a powerful and exotic resin. Medicinally, Myrrh is used as an anti-fungal, antiseptic, astringent, and expectorant. It cleanses the blood and helps with circulation and arthritis. It has a bitter and naturally spicy taste. For use with a charcoal burners. 

WARNING:Myrrh is NOT for pregnant or breastfeeding women (can cause miscarriage). Please research all side effects if you have a medical condition, especially diabetics and if you are on blood pressure medication. As with all products, please research all side effects if you have a medical condition. For use with charcoal burners. Keep away from pets and children

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