A Message from the Founder

Wild Tree Essentials is dedicated to bringing you the finest resins and essential oils the world has to offer at exceptional prices. Whether you are looking for high-grade frankincense, myrrh, essential oils, accessories or knowledge, Wild Tree Essentials can help. We are proud of our unprecedented, individualized customer service. It is not uncommon to speak directly with me, and often I will offer free samples, free shipping, etc., simply because you took the time to reach out to us.  
We are eager to pass on and educate the public about the culture, traditions and value of the gums and resins that have been used for thousands of years. Our goal is not only to sell the finest products at competitive prices, but to complete your education by offering free tips and techniques regarding these ancient products.  We want to help improve our customers' lives, and therefore improve the world, one client at a time.

Savor these sacred gifts from nature and ENJOY! 

~Brian Camgemi, owner and founder of Wild Tree Essentials