My Passion

Wild Tree Essentials is dedicated to bringing you the finest products the world has to offer. With our vast knowledge base and wealth of resources, we are able to provide customers with items and services of the highest quality at exceptional prices. Wild Tree Essentials can satisfy the needs of clients, worldwide. Whether you are looking for high-grade Frankincense, Myrrh, Essential Oils, or accessories and knowledge,Wild Tree Essentials can help. We are proud of our unprecedented, individualized customer service. It is not uncommon to speak directly with the owner who will often offer free samples, free shipping, etc., simply because you took the time to reach out to us. Embrace these ancient gifts from nature and ENJOY!
Wild Tree Essentials also has vast resources and knowledge in the area of Homeopathic Living, Natural Remedies, Spirituality, Meditation and much more. We can recommend products such as frankincense, myrrh, essential oils, herbs and more, depending on your needs and purpose.
We are eager to pass on and educate the public about many cultural traditions, but especially regarding the value of the gums and resins that have been in use for thousands of years. Our goal is not only to sell the finest products at exceptional prices, but to complete your education by offering free tips and techniques regarding these ancient products.  We want to help improve individuals' lives--- therefore improving the world--- one client at a time! 
On a Personal Note: "As an individual, I am passionate about rare and ancient things which speak to me on a soul level. Whether it is as simple as an old book or as deep and complex as an ancient religion, my wish is to bring these lost cultural treasures, knowledge, and practices, to individuals who share my passion.

I make it my mission to find resources and knowledge on ancient practices, some of which can be traced back over 20,000 years. I knew my journey would be challenging, as much of the knowledge and tradition has been lost through thousands of years of cultural upheaval and change. I turned to rare books as a resource to find the true roots of deeply held spiritual and culturally significant practices and traditions. 

In my quest, I developed a significant body of knowledge and resources regarding many religions, cultural traditions and practices from our vast global culture. This is why I offer you, not only what you commonly need, such as sacred herbs and resins, but other resources to expand your knowledge, to enrich and empower your life and soul. 

If you have a need, I can help. I appreciate your business.  I look forward to your questions and I invite you to share your own knowledge too.  Thank you!

~Brian Camgemi, owner of Boston Commodities International now Wild Tree Essentials