Omumgorwa Myrrh (Commiphora tenuipetiolata)

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Name: Commiphora tenuipetiolata
Country of Origin:

Traditionally used as a soap, cleanser or perfume
Size and Color:
Small to medium chunks; deep brown to amber red/reddish brown in color
Sweet, fruity, with subtle hints of dates, raisins, coffee, caramel, and nuts
Purifier, perfume for body


This exceptional myrrh from Namibia has overtones of dates, nuts, caramel and coffee with a sweet, fruit-like aroma. Its color ranges from warm hues of dark chestnut-to-amber brown. Commonly harvested by the Himba people as a means to wash clothing, it is also used as refreshing skin cleanser. Many people incorporate it into perfume mixtures to add a warm, sweet aroma.

It is not recommended for burning as incense. If you do choose to burn this resin as an incense, break it up into smaller pieces mixed with other resins. 

This resin is also used by forming it into a paste for incense cones, or as a binder and added aroma in perfumes.


WARNING:Myrrh is NOT for pregnant or breastfeeding women (can cause miscarriage). Please research all side effects if you have a medical condition, especially diabetics, or if you are on blood pressure medication. As with all products, please research all side effects if you have a medical condition. Keep away from pets and children.

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