Three Kings Coconut Charcoal. 33mm Charcoal Tablets, 10 Per Roll.

$ 1.99


Name: Three Kings Premium Coconut Charcoal.
Uses: Coconut Charcoal for burning
Size: 33mm; 10 per roll


Made from coconut husks and turned into charcoal Three Kings Premium Coconut Tablets are a cleaner more pure burning option for those who seek purity in the incense world.  For use with all charcoal burners and incense that requires a charcoal tablet.

You also have the option of buying a case through us, which includes 10 rolls, 10 tablets in each roll, of the 33mm Three Kings Coconut Charcoal Tablets 

WARNING: Charcoal tablets get extremely HOT when lit. Keep away from children, pets and flammable items. Light charcoal tablet in a burner designed for such use. Burner may get hot on exterior so do not handle once lit.

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