Persian Brass Charcoal Charcoal Burner

Wild Tree Essentials

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Name: Persian Brass Charcoal Burner
Burner for charcoal and resin
Size and Color:
3" wide and 4" high. Brass with black gloss, custom gold scrollwork. The lid has eight holes allowing your favorite aromas to escape quickly through the lidded top. Three pieces total, including a wooden ornate plate. 


This small Egyptian Brass Screen Charcoal Burner measures 3" wide and 4" high. It is beautifully finished in a elegant black gloss with custom gold scrollwork engraving. The item has a total of 3 pieces, including the bowl, the removable screen and a wooden bottom ornate plate. A great edition to your incense collection. 

WARNING: Do not touch metal when charcoal is lit; it is very hot!