Church 15" Hanging Brass Burner

Wild Tree Essentials

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Name: Church Hanging Brass Burner
Country of Origin: India
For burning resins, cones or smudges
Size and Color:
Hangs at 15" high and 9" tall; ancient and elegant-looking burner detailing the Crucifixion and Mother Mary; made from solid brass with honey-gold finish and heavy chains.


Made from solid brass with handwork details, the burner has a honey-gold finish with heavy chains. Hanging at 15" high and 9" tall, this burner has an ancient and elegant look that shows an image of Crucifixion and Mother Mary.

Used for burning resins, cone incense or smudges. Great for all your incense burning needs. Made of solid brass in India.

WARNING: Do not touch metal when charcoal is lit; it is very hot!