Royal Green Hojari and Sultans Selection Merge!!!

April 16, 2019

Royal Green Hojari and Sultans Selection Merge!!!

Some very big news regarding our "Royal Green Hojari" and our "Sultans Selection" Boswellia sacra frankincense from Oman!! 

Lets set the record straight. When you buy green sacra frankincense from any proprietor you expect it to be green, right? Yes of course! Well that is the disconnect between the modern buyer and the harvesters in Oman. "Green" in Oman does not always mean you going to get the color green when it comes to resins. It depends on where on the tree it harvested also. The greener top new branches on the frankincense tree are the newest and produce green resin sometimes but also the most nutrient rich resin because it is the newest branches. The resin itself is often times white, clear, lime or yellow in color as well. In fact the majority of the resin on the top branches are these colors with green or blue sporadically mixed in. 

All sellers of "green" sacra resin get this mix from Oman. Its rare to be able to source all green and blue tears, especially large hojari grade tears. I started years ago by offering the blue grade of "Sultans Section" which has caught on like wild fire with many sellers now selling it or a variant under the "Sultans Selection" name which I coined years ago. I tell you this not to brag but to emphasize my tireless effort to offer you the worlds rarest and most sacred resins and to keep pushing the standard higher and higher. 

With that in mind I am very pleased to now set a new standard and discontinue our "Royal Green" and "Sultans Selection" lines. I am now able to source only large green hojari with the blue variant (Sultans Selection) mixed in. The name is now Sultan's Royal Green Large Hojari Frankincense. This grade will be large only green teas with the occasional blue tears mixed in. The majority will be green with blue being much less in the mix due to its extreme rarity as a color, however, at this level of quality the color is negligible. The large green and blue tears, or hojari grade, will have all the same compounds and properties if you are using this grade as a tea for traditional medicine or for enjoyment. This grade is truly reserved for royals and prominent families in the region.

The Sultan's Royal Green Large Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia Sacra) grade will be priced slightly higher than the old "Royal Green" offering and dramatically lower than the "Sultans Selection" grade. The decision to combine the two grades was not an easy one. However, with this true hojari grade having all the same compounds, weather green or blue, due to size and the fact that it will be only the freshest harvest it was an easy decision in the end. My mission is, and has always been, to offer the rarest and highest quality resins the world has to offer at exceptional prices. 

Your search is over, if you desire TRUE Green Hojari we are your source!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me anytime at


Brian Camgemi
Wild Tree Essentials

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