MUSHAAD, The Premier Maydi Gum In The World Now Available

Now In Stock: MUSHAAD, the premier Maydi Gum in the world. Imported straight from Africa and now available through Wild Tree Essentials

In Somalia, Maydi resin is known as the "King of Frankincense" and has a crystallized look with a translucent golden to amber color. The rarest and highest grade of Maydi is called "Mushaad" which is grade 1 and very rare. The grades of Maydi are as follows:

1.) Mashaad, grade 1, rare large clear golden yellow 1-9 inches in size.

2.) Mujarwal, grade 2, smaller up to 1/4 to 1 inch in size golden yellow resin.

3.) FasKebir, grade 3, below 1/4 inch in size darker some bark in resin and impurities.

4.)  FasSaghir,  grade 4, small grain size resin with some powder mixed in and impurities.

This selection is the highest you can source and rare to find. Wild Tree Essentials only carries grade 1 Mushaad and in a separate listing grade 2-3 (Mujarwal and FasKebir). Our philosophy is to supply the highest and rarest grades of resins so we do not carry anything below grade 3, as it does not meet our standards.

Widely used as a chewing gum, this resin has an abundance of healing benefits for the mouth and stomach. Imported from our USDA certified organic supplier, we can now offer the rarer grade 1-3 mix of this high quality Maydi gum.

Maydi Gum has a natural frankincense flavor that helps to purify the mouth, strengthens the teeth and gums, freshens breath with its natural anti-septic qualities, and helps with mouth ulcers and digestion.

Chewing gum can increase brain activity and may also help with quitting smoking. When chewing this amazing natural gum it seems at first to crystalline in your mouth, but quickly turns to gum. If you stop chewing for awhile, it turns hard again, but returns to gum as soon as you chew again. 

Maydi is also broadly used as incense for its strong, pure, clean scent and has a very unique aroma that is intoxicating and exclusive to the Boswellia frereana species of frankincense. We also carry frereana oil, which has a clean and refreshing aroma that will invigorate the soul.

Maydi has been used as an incense and traditional medicine for thousands of years. Try some of highest quality on the market today!!

-Your Friends at Wild Tree Essentials


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