A rare grade of Sultan Section indeed...

We have all been waiting for the rare grades of sacra to emerge again in Oman. For the first time since I started this business I had a hard time sourcing even a small amount of the rarer grades of Boswellia Sacra resin. Due to increase demand, the region seemed to be SOLD OUT of Bone white, Sultan selection and black sacra.

To my delight my supplier offered me a very rare selection never before offered by, well anyone, in the region. Large tears and chunks of Sultan Section?? Usually Sultan section is small to medium size tears of blue-green or exceptionally large tears or chunks of sacra resin. He was telling me that he had a limited offering of large tears and chunks of Sultan and I jumped right on it! Sultan is rare to begin with but a consistent batch of huge tears and chunks?!-------Unheard of. 

Pictures do not do it justice and I did not pick through the 1 kilogram I received, I just grabbed a handful to take some pictures. The pictures in the normal offering on the website are of our usual selection of Sultan but the pictures in this news letter are of the new batch. I had to pay much much more than normal BUT I am keeping the price the same on the website for all my amazing customers. 

As I said, I only ordered 1 kilogram for now and he only had a few in stock and the rest were spoken for. I  will try to get more in the future but for now get yours while you can! You will get large blue green, dark green or blue tears as well as the possibility of a multi tear chunk that may fade from dark amber to blue green as much as 3 or 4 inches across. 

I am happy to offer this and I hoe that everyone continues to enjoy the products!

---Brian Camgemi, owner, Wild Tree Essentials.

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